I just watched a movie.a very…intriguing movie. it was an old one actually, but cant blame on the fastest cinema on town. So the movie was ” Knowing”. Starred by the famous mystery man Nicolas Cage. hha.
When you asked me about what is so special about this movie? its just another movie that tries to frame, how we are going to face the doomsday. well, quite interesting topic i always assure.so i sat on the cinema, silent my phone and wait patiently till the movie starts.
and shoot. began with some ghost kid, i started to think nausciously “oh,cmon, this is not a ghost movie!! i wanna watch mysteries.not a spooky thing. it wont get me to bed later at night.”and even if it turns out the movie isnt a ghost /phsycic one but quite satisfying, i still cant sleep. n its 12.30 am.
well im not gonna spoil the whole movie story.im just gonna say a bit my impression, haha.  middlestory. it was so wonderful that  *omg im speechless* i have this stupid thought about being a visual designer or whatsoever. pass. i was stunned by the sound effects. the effects, the everything! just a masterpiece.
when the movie is over, i tell my friend via text. you guys really gotta watch this thing. its a blast dude. i mean, nobody will say the movie is jelek (not in front of me). hihihi. ok back to the thing.i stepped to sof’s car. then open up my laps and post the thing about the movie. like it was a must to see bla bla blah.
i stepped home and get ready for my time. then i start the connection again.and yes you guess so.lame as hell.but i guess this time lame connection gave me some advantage. it gave some time to think.to compare.

I realized. that movie i watched, the point isnt about the blast.the magnifico of hollywoodism.no.
it is a picture of our world.
despite all the prophecy from the movie,all the signs and the vital marks are there.the bible included, and even new world is prepared. by the angels and God Himself. ha! what a wonderful story eh.
it was when God finally get sick of our attitude. and decided to expended all of the human being.it was just a matter of time.
i just cant imagine being on the position of Nicolas.waiting precisely for The End Of The World.


–Midnight Writing’s fun.=)


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