hello, Shopaholics. -.-

Noon Post.=)
hha. i dont know why but Im lately soo into writing at exact time.
anw i just got back from shopping adventure (with mom).
and damnn this holiday is testing my shopping skill and money.-.-
i just cant stop loving things around and and and i really think that i have my own Mozilla Shopping Firefox inside my head. cos everywhere they turn, dang, id find another one. i feel guilty for the temptation. *sigh*

but yes i will tell specifically what i bought. LOL

List of Sins:

-a pair of black shoes(i mean, its a basic need. im needing it for school)

-a gray 7 inch heels (what?)

-2 cute tshirts

-errh, kutex bening

-shampoo,powder,and other berrylicious stuff. hha

-hairclip.okay lots.

-2 dresses (pajak petisah)-.-

well, the rest is about other reckless stuff yea hmmm i dont wanna let u guys peek too much, hihii.

i spend many moneys on holiday and i tend to stop.=( stop.stop.stop!

oh yeahh, i forgot. im waiting, for my bag <3


find the cutes stuffs here : http://www.mrfreddy.us

thats all im writing for now. maybe ill be back later at nite.

love yall.=)


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