Lemon life.

“cause life gave me lemonade and i cant imagine why..”

that was a little from my “hanging on the head” song lately.
Chris Rice – Lemonade.

i even post it on facebook note.=)

i have a boring day today, as usual. i went to my momma’s friend.
and online there. her kid was annoying, honestly.lol
medan is hot, rained a while tho, but makees noooooo difference.
sigh, its hot now.

A friend of mine, from facebook.i am guessing she has some serious issue,about discovering herself.
im not in a position to say lots about this thing, since its her life, her personality.
but i feel like its really a need to tell her, that she really mean a lot. more than even she can imagine.
she’s a nice girl, with bright future,and lovely attitude. so well, she HAVE to learn reducing negative thoughts.
otherwise, she keeps herself from the world, deep.
i know many teenagers like us, are having many critical problems, love, friendship, family, etc.
but the problems, suppose we should take the point of them, the lesson. not just about whining about and “oh why does this happen to me” thingy..
(okaye im feeling old.lol)

Discovering ourselves, i admit isnt a flip-your-hand attraction,no, i know. When somebody says about : “i got nothing to give in this life”, “im unspecial”,
or “im so common, i have nth to be proud of”. i feel sorry for them. not that i disgrace them, no!
i always think about that last year. about how i have nothing special in this life,
im not good at anything extra-ordinary,but now, i dont think i have to worry about that longer than my grades. lol.
“Everything will be fine. in no time at all.”(Jason Mraz – Details In The Fabric).
That this is our best time, time to try everything daring, in order to discover ourselves, is what made my worry evaporates.=)

“Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why
Born on a sunny day, beneath a tangerine sky
I live life without pretending
I’m a sucker for happy endings
Thanks for the lemonade
Thanks for the lemonade!”


-have a nice sleep,lemons.


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