Flesh night.

im a bit entertained by friends today. why? i got event. lol
i dunno, maybee i am so overbored…
that even one event makes me happy a hell lot. hhe.

anw im having a barbecue party at Laura’s house,malibu.
13 people attended this party.
and lemme tell you that most of us didnt know each other very well.hha,
but i guess tonight is gonna be so much funnnnnnn.=)
im gonna post a view pics abt the partyyy tomorrow and i hope u guys have a better holiday than mine.
tee hee.

here are the participantss.. :

the girls:
-Mei Ling (Liana)
-Vivian, the urban from Jakarta,lol
-Laura, the crib owner,
-Deasy, Laura’s cousn and my friend as well.

the boys:
-Stephen Cuaca
-Yoshireiki, the brandals.:)

-have a nice bbq, oops. nice sleep. :)
ps: i promise wont eat too much flesh. ;p


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