PIG era.

last night wass soooo good. hha. no kidding, but the jocks r vry” funn.
began bbbq at 12 sharp. and thenn we scramble the house till 4 in the morning.
play some cards and joke arround. :)
i havent hang around with friends like that a long time.
i didnt ate too much, as i would say..;p
anw i promised i will load some photos here, but due the camera is with Hans, please forgive me. :)
these are some lil pics taken from my phone. :)
the rest will be load to fasbuk on 27th.(fter i received the flash from Hans.)

main capsaa.

barbecue is always fun, xcept for the thing that you have to clean up the mess,yeah, washing that bbq tray, you do that.. lol
this time im a bit lazyy.some of us slept from4.30 till 6.30,n the rest were angels, cleaning up some trash…hahaha.
when i woke upat 6.30 sth,there isnt much left to do. hahaa. woke up with somelousy redd eyees, i took a picture of the people, just woke up.

apa liat2..

bangun” masuk mobil

just this pics i can show u. ;0
i have a really bad effects after barb.
i sleep like PIG. yess, welcome to the pig era. lol.
i slept from 8 till 2, then 4 to 6. omg omg. -.-
i have a red vampire eyes.
my legs arent feeling well, since i crank on sth when i was sleeping. damn.
im gonna take some hibernation till i feel good again.:)

thats all im thinking  to write now.. im gonna help momma painting stairs.:)

resttime,relaxtime. :)


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