Nervous the hell out!

awww, i skipped posting yesterdy.. sorry. =(


i went to school yesterday, received my report book. hha.

the grade went down and momma is kinda upset. -.-

well, im happy anyway, my class passed safe.


ookay, so i went to watch movies with the jocks.

ssp, william, yoshi, meiling, and ssp’s sister.

watched transformers, and i get in the theatre LATE.


oyeah, nevermind. they are good for fetching me up anyway.


damn, what else could i say. the movie was soooo good.

metal vs metal thing. well, totally magnificent effects and job they put on this movie. took some little time for a picture when the movie is done on11 pm. =)

after movie

WC, Jen, SSp,Yoshi

captured by : Ling

well, we continued to find something to eat..

cross the road till bout 11.30, decided to grab sth food at nusa jaya.

ssp’s driving.

i was sitting on the window when the innova heading toward our car.  it was so fastt, that my reflex is covering my head first. i thought about, “well, this car aint gonna stop on time” and get ready for a BIG BANG on the car door,instead of anything loud, i heard nothing but “bang”. small bang. hahaa.

i think that sick driver stop on time. still we got problem ahead. -.-

they insisted we didnt gave any sign abt turning direction.KISS MY ASS to them, cos we clearly gave it far away before we turned.they r the one not slowing down.

the boys get off the car and try to solve the problem with two men.

im not sure what  to think, there r 3 boys from our side,teenage, 16 years corn,

and two men inside the innova,grown up,

this kinda thing ususally end up with a few cash rubbing their hands. -.-

but not this time, a car stopped to us and they helped us discuss the matter with them. dunno clearly who r they, but theyre being totally angels to us. haha.

so the jerks finally move out to the street and left us with nothing to take. lol

okay, God is with us tonight. BUT eversince then, well, we are kinda nervous on the way. totally extra cautious for any car from any

ooh, i was still starving… we went to nusa jaya but there was nothingg. closed. urrggghhh.

decided that on 12 , there was nowhere to go but pandu,,


got back home at 12.30. im too exhausted abt i didnt get the chance to write. hhe. =)

and today? still dont know what to do. >.<

mayb hanging out wif mum. lol

– be careful when your on driving issue, guys, -.-


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