blurry holiday.

i need a real holiday,for hell sake..


my holiday revolves NOWHERE but this pathetic town.

but we ought to stick with reality, so i try to enjoy as much as i can..

last night. was a midnight sale. at sun plaza.

the sudden gang (?) went there at 11.30. first we went to snookclub. the boys snook all the way and the girl sticks with lappie and phone. lol

i went to the body shop. i wanted to buy the perfume,mad for the sale..

but AQUA LILY is out of stock. off the shop with nothing to buy.

then we went downstairs to check breadtalk.which is gooood choice. sale there!! 3 pcs of yummyliciouscake for IDR 24ooo.

we bought it, and ate it at

great nite tho, but i was home latee.

reached the home till abt 1 am. -.-

well, then i went tobed, cant think much anymore.

today, i went to thamrin plaza 4 a while, to check body shop’s. and YES ITS OUT OF STOCK AGAIN.

im so pissed off.

i wanted to buy aqua lily and cassis rose..but aqua isnt avail anymore, so i ended up buying two cassis rose. =(

the thing is:

“Make decision, FAST.”


thats it, i cant write too much for today.:)

-anw, is GF July out already?


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