damsel and distress.

2 pm, i woke up yesterday. my eyes are sore and my body  is tangling round.;(

dunno why i woke up so late, but i do know that i had some unbelievable dreams. which now i almost forgot all the details. lol

yesterday was just so-so..

today is fun!!

out for a swim at citra garden in themorning. whew thank god,i used alotta sunscreen.-.-

selen and ling, not as lucky as i am, got stripes from leg.hahhaa

not mee, my stripes r on the back, an X bcause of the swimsuit .


well, captured alot of picture, but im too lazy to put it here. blame the lame connection. -.-.

i slept a lot  today, but not long. hahaa.

im so boredd. i need a vacation exciting enough to make my holiday worthile. ;(

i really will go to jakarta next holiday. im just too bored in this pitiful city.

–GF July is not too good.=(


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