im a new fan! officially. =)

Hello, JULY!!=)

i have never fall in love bfore..

but i think this song is totally into the love life. check it out, guys.

“It’s 12 at night, drunk with a tired voice.
It’s 2 in the morning, a cold hangup on the phone.

No one knows my heart.
I can’t stop,love,love,love.
Even though it hurts, i keep repeating.

Have you ever loved,
Like in the movies, where they fall in love at first sight.
Stayed up all night on the phone.
Bragged to the world.
Waiting in the pouring rain.
Ran like crazy towards them.
Secretly watched them.
Gone crazy.
Pretended not to see them.

Of course you have loved,
Gone broke through anniversaries.
Said sorry, even after you did well.
Stayed up all night, writing love letter.
Moved a date with your family.
Prayed to God for them not to hurt.
Avoided friends.
Watched their backs as they left.

(Cant stop love)
I loved them like crazy, why?
I was really good to them, why?
I gave my all.
You’ve got me going crazy.
(Cant stop love)
I loved them to death, why?
I gave them my heart and body.
I’ve lost, lost everything, what do I do?

Have you ever broken up?
Had your makeup erased in the rain?
Cut your long hair?
Picked up a cigarette, even though you quit?
Avoided a place, thinking that you would meet them?
Written a letter, that you couldnt send?
Get drunk and dial their number(-Hello-) had your lips freeze?
Of course you have, broken up.

Hated them as much as you loved them.
Torn a letter, you couldnt read.
Erased a number, you couldnt forget.
Celebrated an anniversary on your own.
Burnt all the pictures.
Thought that all the sad songs in this world were all about you.

Cry like a fool, get drunk again.
Grab your friends and curse that person.
Time passes, and you get drunk again.
Pick up the phone- say LOVE.

No one knows what Im feeling.
Actually, youre the only one, who doesnt know.
Even though it hurts, I keep repeating.
Someday we will meet again.”

im so in love with epik high.


-tomorrow will be about big bang.hha love youuu.=)


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