Never Farewell.

farewell is a hard word to say.

also the worst thing to say.

cos when u lose someone, you hardly pass the day ahead well.

today, 7 in the morning. i was on the car with emel.
we were going to airport. delivering our very best friend tocontinue her study at KL.
sad it is. but ketua geng is very” sad, i guess. she tried to make ridiculous jokes, eventho she knows she wanna cry.
i wasnt pretty crying there. but it was when she send the text to each of us.
that was the time when i thought “well, i shouldve hug her longer back then. now i feel like wiping tears. ”
hahaa. we really are going to miss your scream and shouts and enthusiasm a lot Nov. ;) hiks.

then, i caught up into a situation today.

that i feel like missing him lot than any other day.

but you know, regrets always come after we did an undoable mistakes, like they were hiding on your back all this time. waiting for the good time to come out and startled you.

i  wish i can repeat.

i wish i can undo.

but i cant.

cause i said the farewell to him that day.

-many hearts broken tonight.includes mine.


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