heeeelllooooooooo thereee. hehee.
u guys noticed anythingg abt my writes?
yess, i write once in two dayss noww.
yea cuz i barely have the time to post.=(
but im still trying my best to update my blog.

HEY!! yesterdaay i went to Titi’s bday partyy andd it was funn!!
the MC was totally hillarious.
half woman, half man.
he (or she) is very entertainingg hahahha.

well, i had a greaaaat time thereee. hehee.
anw, i wore the same skirt (handmade skirt) with Oliv.
yeaah. she is that good at making clothes. *yikes*

this our skirt ;D

5651_1023420764606_1797858728_49091_1370681_nLovelyyy! =)

i jussssstttt loveee mr freddy’s bag. sooososooo damn vintage.

i took this pic on back home. =))


BSS. =)

anw, im finding a good site to download HQ music videos.
u guys have any idea just drop the comment okaayee, ill be really appreciating ur info.=)

well, i guess there is nothing to write muchh.
hoping for a good tomorrow,,
like watching ice age (yes I HAVENT WATCH IT) with the gossip girls,
then grab some fro-yo
and finally make some spy action!
dang i miss those momentss. lol
ill report againn on wednesday abt my holiday.
so this is Jennifer Lim, reporting live from her bedroom. thankyou.*cut*

-caffeine, fro-yo, camera, ACTION!


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