oooookayy. im late for today’s posst.

sorryyy =)

been very hectic this whilee.

i need to explain matters for people. huhuu.

what to write abt tonight?


yesterday was ordinary. heyy, remember i told u abt watching  ice age?

i didnt watch again. hiks.

tickets were gone and i miss the chance to watch it at 5.


so yesterday, i spend the time napping on bucks with the girls.

then filter sun plaza for whiles.

im pretty sure it rained hard yesterday.

for the tree in f. of my house is splitted (for god’s sake)

and the river’s water is like a swimming pool. eww.

with   that kinda weather, i had a feeling abt something bad happening..*finger crosses*


today is also ordinary.

i basically stayed home.

help mummy painting stairs and windows and doors.

painting is actually funn.

if you enjoy it. hha.

so i didnt go anywhere, just bought some food and watched korean series.

then i went to matador at night wif sum friends.


holiday is gonna over reaal sooon.

what shud i feel abt it?

excited, yeaa a little.

but mayb im sadd..

for being very lazy to start a new class. hha

whatever it is.

move on, dear. hahahaa

so i dont have anything to write much more.

see u guys two days ahead. =)

-holiday makes me FAT.damnoooo~


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