Canvas. Blank. Future.

oops.its been two days. :)

holiday is overing soon..
counting days to the first year of senior high.hhaa.
suppose that senior hi is gonna be funn..
but i guess this is the time when we really makeup our mind and set target for future,
future to me,
it is still blur.
but full of blank canvas im ready to draw:)

white canvas

not yet sure about what i will draw with.pencil or paint brush.
but either way im curious by whats waiting ahead me.
this blog , when i am by the future later, i will definetely look back to my every single writes.
that time, ill be laughing and remember all the good teens time.

like today. i watched ICE AGE.
its a grrrrrrrrrrrrreeatttt movie with such wonderful voice dubbers and!
i laughed. nonstop.
ridiculous movie yeaa?


ilovescraaaaatt! ;D


tomorrow.. ummmm im going to hillpark with friendss.
hopefully memorable.
since i tend to spend last day of my holiday, which is (SUNDAY) at home.
lazying and waiting the precious holiday

the holiday has been over a month.
i think thats quite long enuff.
and yet for the longest holiday my school had given. i went nowhere. not even bataksua.
geez what an ironic life. hahaha

nothing much more to writee,continue chattting. =)

-get readyyyyy canvas.


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