sekolaahh oyyyyy

yuhuuuu. lazy sunday is today indeed.
i have a headache.badd one. so i have to stay put on bed most times.
i watched MJ’s music vids and concert.
he is really wooooonderful. aint he? ;D

what happened yesterdaay?
well,as i said.
i went to hillpark with friendss yersterdayy and it was fun!
turns out we had a hell of a time theree. playing some games and joke around.
up from 12 to 3, we played there and then decided to go higher, tebu manis.
hang around there for some 30 mins.
well the breeze theere is soooo good.we shud just went to mikie instead hillpark aye?
hha but either waayy its still fun.
so went back home and faced some bit traffic jam. =(
arrived back home on 6.30. phew. exhausting yet fun.;P

heeyy dude.
back to school tomorrow. huahahhahaaa.
getting readyyy.
i bought new shoes and socks alreadyy. hhihii.

ready for a new year tomorrow on!!

is there really a new brazillian guy in my class?LOL


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