senior year. =)

helloooorrr peepss.

okayeee im back on track tonightt. :D
how’d u guys been?
how’s ur school?
hope they do just fine. =)
cause mine is.tee hee.

weelllll, im now on 12 IPS 1.
still same, same friends, same class atmosphere (only the height differs).
my form teacher is Mr. Salamat Sinaga.
pretty good start. :D
i AM waiting for the new guy to pop out at my class.
but he surely is a heck of mystery man.
no one even know wether he is really coming or not.–”
then today i heard some flash abt him entering class on august.
why so late?
we all know that senior hi school is the shortest time on studying.
why keep making it short for him? (lol, i dunno whats my motive talking THIS way)

on my way home today, the OSIS kids tell me to come at 10 tomorrow.
wonder if im really on stack of MOS peeps. :D
urrrrhhh i surely cant wait till the judgement day comes.. lol.

talk about being senior. kinda make me sad.:(
to be honest.high school is muchh funnnn.
even if i cant wait colleging too.
but friends in high here are adorable.well they are!
i better start making some good memories with them. like in junior high.:)
definetely dont want my time here wasted by nothing. =)

-fresh class, fresh astart.


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