One, she is the tall
At least that’s how she’s known.

Two, she is the carefree
Well, her trademark that will be.

Three, she is the adorable
But so, she is picky!

Four, she is the confident
And that amazes us.phew.

Five, she is the pro – sewer
Yeah, she made me pretty things.

Six, she is the delicate
Ha Ha Ha :D

Seven, she is the sentimental
Since she listens all the slow songs.

Eight, she is the chattery
When she talks to girls, especially.

Nine, she is the good listener
Cause she never really judges anyone.

Ten, she is the curly
She spares her time to look so.

Eleven, she is the good sister
Her siblings are loving her,most.

Twelve, she is, sometimes, annoying.
No, just kidding. LOL

Thirteen, she cares for her friends
I know that, I do. =)

Fourteen, she is sty to the lish
Well.well.well. of coursee!

Fifteen, she is the never hesitant
Who else in this would will request a birthday cake?

Sixteen, she is my fiance, my stylist, my sister, my brother, my best friend, my inspiration. :)

Seventeen, 11 August, 2009.
Happy Birthday, Olivia Ciawinson!

Leave all the bad deeds and thoughts behind.
And run this beauuuuuuuutiful time of ours at your most.



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