been ages. lol.

its been ages since i wrote!!
and i was too lazy to update my blog. (so lame)

ive been busy for exams, birthday party, exams and another birthday party.
two very berryy different things,
but yea life is abt playing opposites. life is too short to play the straight way. haha.

its reaching the end of august.
haa, how time flies so fast.
super fast!
and we are all gettin closer to the end of our study. uan uan uan.
i might say that high school is merely until dece.
from jan to march, everyday of them days willl be stressful.
so better use the time wisely and thoughtfully peeps.

i might be studying more by now. =)

half kidding. half serious. lol

it is midnite now, and the rain is going wild outside.
im alone at home, momma is taking care of her boss, and uncle is still outta town.
i like being alone. kinda have yer own privilege, and being very comfortable at beddie. C:
listening to musicss. feels like one perfect saturday. or sunday dawn :D

(oh no, i lose my writing ideas) X(
i went to kevin’s celebration tday at bel’mondo.
food is great, friends r sweet, n pictures are taken everywhere.
reminding me how soon mine is
event.event.event. C:

then we went to sun plaza. i was supposed to shop with mum, but she cant make it, coz she had to take care of her boss. she’s not vry healthy.
and yeah so i understand :( and push my shopping thirst underneath.pfff
circling around mall. eating . playing games . then off to home.
exhausting but very fun! C:

mums gonna track on shopping tomolo, so hope its not cancelled again :D
im sleepy. and tired. wanna go for a nice bed time.
better wish im writing soon soon soon.
yea im losing my writing fingers =(


-tomorrow might be a nice sunday.hv a nice slewwp.


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