seventeen again =)

happy birthday to myself.
happy seventeen.
and i hope to be a better person ahead, and a better kid, and a better friend, and everything better  =)

i am so happy today..
the measure of my happiness is off the limit!
friends, they are my heart, my soul, my flesh, my mate, my passion.
never thought my birthday is going to be any better,
they really are preaparing evrything to specialize my day,

anyway, i still smell like

well, basically that thing is caused by the SGG.
inka, tansri, and mimi, (i love you guys,but just wait, revenge of the swollen.)
they are pathetic!! lol
who wouldve thought they can still chase me after i escape from the class..
they succesfully (yes succesfully) crash two cute little duck eggs, which smell horrrriiiiiiblleee,oh godd
the smell isnt that POWERFUL until they extra shower me with the water.
yuck, who knows that a simple water can bring out the best stinks of duck eggs?
i ended up sitting isolated in front of the bus,with everyone else laughing their huge ass off at my total disastrous appearance.

thing wont end that fast for me, yeaa its still happening when i came home.
momma is a very goooooooodie actress! phew!
(oh man, i smell the duck AGAIN)
she called me, and she was like “uh hello, jen, come down at this street, lets hv some dinner”
and i was not READY to walk down the street with the crazylookalike girl, with reddish by duck eggs uniform, and my hair, oh my hair!
i thought my hair is really crying for duck’s sake!

i got off from the bus,and yesssssssssssss walked to the store where momma waited.
ate some nice meals, then got home.
oh yeah i hv to mention that it was raining SO HARD, but i still walk home with momma,
(this point im the one wetting along the road because i can wash my hair at the same time as well lol)
arrived at home, i didnt expect this to happen, i totally did not expect friends making any surprises for me!
there they are.
oliv, jes,rosa,edric,albert.
making a little celebration for me.

and at that time, with my exhausted figure, and my hair  like a broomstick,  and shivering by the cold outside,
i weeped.
damn it.
i love you guys! =)


this is a super birthday, and hope my little celebration work out tomolo.
c u then. :D

oh yeah, the favourite quote for today is :

-wish you all the best.



  1. Olivia · September 4, 2009

    take out that pict n turn over. see what’s behind it! <3

  2. Jennifer Lim · September 5, 2009

    yess i saw it yesterday. tht was the 1st thing i thought when i unwrapped it. =p

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