My favorite things.

count on endless musics, and movies, and books.
hanging on with friends,
fooling like a fool hahahaa totally,
writng on rainy dayss,
and imaginating things,not seeing things ya. hahaha
learn to cook yummies,
sleep all day in holidays,
watching dramas,
eating fats,
and making list. hhe.

umm, life is never enough with things,
but we like to pretend like we had em all,
that just feel so gooooood aye?

*think abt writing favorites cos i listened to a song, :)

seventeen is already on its road,
im an official grown up. (?)
well, depends on what im doing yess.
but i am trying to think critically abt whut im gunna do after hi school.
and the major. alalalalalaaa~

i hope there are signs for me, haha.hhaa.
it is barely 4 months left.
not too much time :/
well, got nothing more to tell, but yess im living life as gooooood as i can.

-enjoying high school!


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