woooot. third day of holiday is better.
wokeup at 11.30.
not earlier than yesterday,hha.
do a little fried rice for meal,
and went to sunplaza from 3 to 7,
thot the barbecue plan was out of mind, but the phone rings at 9,
so i packed some few things,
and so arrived to buddy’s house.

meantime, im still waiting for the little snacks to eat,
i cannot really say this is a kind of BARBECUE we all expect.
but surely, what do you think of when ten people approximately gather with two small packages of sausages, two frenchie fries, and MANTOU.
what the hell of a barbecue uses mantou as the fooooddd.
mann im trapped with stupid freaks. lol

-lets see how the nite rolls ;D


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