today is simply meaningless.
three things id like to share with ya guys tonight.

why is mom always telling us things we hate the most?
i mean yes oooohkayee, im gaining fat. but does she really have to feel uncomfortable with that fact?
she could just tell evrything she dislikes in f. of me, why keep telling it to other people?
its like, im a daughter who dissappointed her mother too much.
im not thinking about the pressure too much, unless i want to hold another grudge in my heart.
shit, mom. D;

omg im so in huge love with Yiruma. i mean, his melody is totally rich and always go for the mood.
like just now, when it rained non stop in town, switched his song, Kiss The Rain.
then rain is suddenly so beautiful (:



listening to him endlessly, what a gifted pair of hands.

hey!! are we getting past the euphoria of Robsten? NO.
are we not so excited abt the upcoming movie? HELL NO.
so why on earth am i talking this way?
cos im having a hard fever for them. again.

prefer this.

prefer this.

or this??? aww

or this??? aww

woooot omagoodd.. i need 20th November soon.

-renting comics.


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