might wonder why i posted 3 writes tonite but yeaah the internet is bugging me the whole days. so im saving the posts till the connection are sorta established.

but it is not better by today -.-

so i take the chance to just post it wether its good or bad connection. gee, im frustating with the internet!! im thinking abt changing the provider. so lameeeeeee huh.

err, wht am i gonna tell u today?

i went to temple, listening preaches from the priest and priestess there.giving my best not to fall asleep by twitting and onlining xp well, thats the least i can do when im on a chair from 7 till 4 -.-

heyy i watched the newest barbie! XD


so good!the story is developing. teaching the girl to be brave and courageous.  :D aaahhh better than b4, barb. good! ( i cant bliv i post the pic here. lol)

weee its monday awreadyy. tomorrow, i think a lotta ppl are getting back to works and schools. but not me…………… my school is giving a one day freepass XD so back to school is Tuesday instead of Monday. mmuah!!

-true courage is pursuing your dream even when everyone else says it’s impossible. (Barbie)


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