ahh im terrificly tired todayy. eventho i slept well last night, my body is hurting.
thanks for the badminton match -.-

do any of you felt the difference by the weather today?
it is soooooo HOTSOME.
makes us cant move anywhere far and do anything exhausting,
head is spinning like a wheel and i took 3 bath for noon.

gee, i wonder why the sun is so generous..

waaaaaw i hit on a new singer, with her single.

welcome Ho Ngoc Ha with “My Apology”


the english version tht one. kinda cramped by the tempo tho :/

this the original ver. better clips, but still. we dont understand wht she’s talking. hha :D

mayb she got some unusual name but she sure have some music.

her voice is sooooo unique! wow i even thot she’s a he for a week, till i searched her pics. 0.o

and and and she is a super HOT model from vietnam! Su Boi, the rapper is cool as well. she got some style.. hha


check it out, might.

-eww internet is so down nowadays -.-


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