“somedays im a super bitch, up to my own tricks, but it wont last forever.
next day im your supergirl, out to save the world. And it keeps getting better!”

playlists recently :

Piste 9. -Feist

Manhattan Skyline. -KingsofConvenience

Waking Up In Vegas. -KatyPerry

The End Is Where I Begin. -TheScript

Sunday Afternoon Waltz. -Yiruma

Free Fallin’. -JohnMayer

I Don’t Remember. -EndahNRhesa

Here We Go Again. -PixieLott

Super Bitch. -ChristinaAguilera

Stuck In The Middle With You. -MichaelBuble

Falling Down. -SelenaGomez

some pretty heart melting dog pics :x

and so reset your countdown for this babyy!

any other way: #don’tworrybehappy :)



  1. landyn haynes · August 22, 2010

    it is the cuttiest puppy ever!!! my dad said that we were going to get a dog in 1-2 years! so im looking for a puppy

    • Jennifer Lim · August 25, 2010

      ah lucky you! ive been wishing to have one all my life :(
      hope you get your puppy and thanks for visiting and dropping comment :)

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