scale disaster.

do you ever get the nauscious-feeling when you put on your favorite jeans and it gets tighter?
or maybe when you slide through the blouse it shows you some pretty fat lumps and them fat lumps are teasing you?

then im doomed.
guess what?
its exams weeks and im gaining weight. fuk fuk.
maybe about 5 or 6 kgs.
even worse than when i came home from jakarta.

and the funny thing is that i dont even consider myself getting fatter until i weghted, that’s the shit.
so i just put all this dirt to my belly w/out feeling a bit guilty or sth.
like when i see myself in the mirror, the fat silhoutte  is “hiding”, then suddenly a SATE PADANG went by and of course a plate gone thru.

turning point is today.
me and mum went to a convenience store and grab some few households thing.; includes : weight scale.
PS: i never had a weight scale., not because im afraid to weight my body, no. thats a nice reason, but because i really dont bother spending money on it.
i was like, ahh finally im going to get myself a “truth revealer”, but yea, that was before i face the ugly truth.

when you are stepping on the “truth revealer”, do you feel any nervous syndromes attacking your sense? (like yea i do)
or maybe when you wait until the needle stops to some point, you wish to hell that the needles go backward a bit? (maybe 5 or 6 cms will do)
oh or perhaps “the effin scale’s broken.let me check it again” (fuckk)
and the 5th time you stand on it, it stills shows you the same damn number. .x.0 kgs. (NO, PLEASE NO.)

need must soon to reduce 20 pounds of useless meats inside my rotting body.
things to do first, tomorrow.will buy tons of fruits to replace dinner (or maybe lunch too)

then finally get my big bluffy ass on a fitness schedulei think this will be the end of my food fiesta.

how come, i mean, its exammm dudette. im supposed to lose, not gain weight!!
this is devastation.

-i was warned.


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