last of 2009

this will be the last post of 2009.
hope you all have a great journey through this year.
and for everyone who’s reading my blog, i’ll try the hardest to keep the Opposite Rules updated. :)

Tonight is the new year’s eve and im at home, alone watching a bunch of DVDs.
actually its not bad, to be able to rule the night on your own.
but when you are going to the bathroom, or finding sth to eat downstairs, everything is so quiet.
so quiet that you think of texting friends, but didn’t cause you know they might be busy with their activities. :(
and i go back to my loving bed.
see online, who’s having the  new years eve like me..
turns out not so many of em. lol
ah whateva. this is a nite of celebration!

gotta cheer up!

this will be the year i crawl for university.
i hope thingsh turn out nicely, :(
many bad things (and good too actually) happened in 09.
i sure hope that 2010 will be the year i grow up.
it will be the year i depend on myself and my thoughts.
rather hopeless, but maybe ill try hard to be mature. :)

to mum, pops, bros, best friends, good friends, net friends, friends, and everyone i knw or i smiled to :)

just a happy new year. (:

-cheers :)


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