“when you’re on high school, everything feels like the end of the world.
but it’s not. It’s just the beginning of it.”

weepy eyes and sleepy brain,
i write this blog tonight with a very uncertain condition.
but well, i think i just need to do sth to distract my attention for some while.

yep, up there is the quote from 17 again.just watched the movie, and pretty good one :)
the quote is somehow right i guess, since im having the high school and im having my so-called-end of the world.
what would you expect to deal with teenage life?
is it suppose to be the best time of your life?
times when you have great experiences about ppl around you, and the side effects of what you were doing?

i mean it, i.dont.enjoy.life.now.
i dont know how i feel tomorrow,
i dont know why i sulk the day fter tomorrow,
it just feels like im having a massive weight in my chest.
i dont know what that weight is, and i dont know how to get it out.
everybody around seems too busy with their business.

haha tonight is pretty confusing.
guess its just a sign that im stressing.
boo. :(

need to fix things right away.
need to talk things up.
need to re-do myself to be a better me.

besides, i wont be able to have another 17.

-trying so hard to smile. :)


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