wrote a movie review.posted it here cz the blog seems so dead.

My Sister’s Keeper :  More Than A Drama

My Sister’s Keeper is a drama directed by Nick Cassavetes. The storyline is about a young girl living with acute promyelocytic leukemia, struggle to make herself and people around her stay alive with a little hope from her condition. The film is based by a novel with the same title, written by Jodi Picoult. As the book has been an outrageous success,  the picture is expected to follow the lead. Though the end of the movie is not as how the real story from the book, it is still considered as a well alternate ending.

The orientation of the movie is quite simple, which explains what will be the main problem of the movie. Though at some points, some of us are still confused by the sudden flashback Kate sometimes had. The story develops as Kate’s  younger sister, Anna, decided to sue her parents. With a help from a professional lawyer, she yields to achieve what was called as medical emancipation, a right to protect her body from being used as a complementary blood bank and cell replacements for her sister. And by the time the case got to the courthouse, it gets ironic when a mother and a daughter fighted each oher for what they think is right.

From the mid of the movie, the story wasn’t much about the condition of Kate. It is much more about her 15 years of lifetime and the memories of the things she adore, includes love. Moreover, the plot is easy to  follow, as in all drama-like picture, the mother refuses to accept the fact that her daughter is dying. Which sometimes annoys me, to see her very insistive and rejecting love from people around.

“It’s alright if this disease is killing me, but it’s killing my family too.”  Her statement shows that this movie isn’t much about her. When her parents are too busy keeping Kate alive, they don’t even realize Jesse, their young son, suffered from dyslexia. Seemingly that the attentions are all dedicated for Kate, when young teen like Jesse and Anna need it too. And by the time Kate gets weaker, everyone in the family is watching in horror the possibility Kate is dying soon.

The ending twist of the movie is very touching. Why Anne decided to sue her parents, was the greatest question along the movie. Since Anne herself admit, that she loves to help Kate. It w as all revealed in the courthouse when Jesse, the brother spilled the bean. Turns out the idea of having Anne a medical emancipation is Kat’s idea. Which comes out by the time she gets tired of being forced to stay alive when she’s dying. That this case, has nothing to with medical emancipation more than to let Kate die.

Similar to the end of every diseased – plot – drama, Kat finally died. Knowing that her parents, brother and sister are there for her, she left peacefully. As her mother, Sara, find out that moving along with Kate isn’t as hard as it seems. The family began new life without Kate and still remember her.

The actor in this movie wasn’t very familiar since the main focus is a Russian – American girl, Sofia Vassilieva. She acted very well as Kate, showed us how a girl with acute promyelocytic leukemia should be roled. Abigail Breslin, who played as Anne, is a young attractive girl. But I still take her act as a so so performance. Jason Patric acted as an understanding father, did a good job in the movie. And despite of the unfamiliar actor, the one holywood actress, Cameron Diaz, took the liberty of being the mother in the movie. Her experiences in numbers of motion pictures was proved by  her acting in this film.

My Sister’s Keeper is a very touching drama. However, the storyline is still predictable. For a drama to make you cry, you can say it’s worth to watch. For a family person, or a family, this is the movie to watch, a movie  that challenge everyone’s perception of love and loyalty.


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