“im fed up. i don’t feel anything near him.”
that’s what a friend of mine said when we hit a conversation today.
she is in a relationship for a couple of months with this guy.
then she striked me with that statement above.

to be honest i don’t know how to respond with that kinda case,
cuz i know she’s a good girl and she tend to show what she feels.
her previous relationship ended with the same ol’ story; bored.

and while im sitting here, trying to figure out what the cause is,
i reached to one scary hypothesis.
what if it is not about the boredom?
what if there were really no feelings from the very beginning of the story?

because as long as i know, having a relationship is not about texting all the time.and that’s what she practically do all time.
i mean ask all person in this world, and of course they text their mate.
but is that all?
i dont want the kind of relation that depends on the frequency of texting. well do you?

here’s a conversation i had with her. abt one year ago.

“i dont think there’s anything wrong with dating guys. the merrier the better i guess.” (she)

“whoa, so u’ll date every single guy that comes near you?” (me)

“of course not. only the one that gets to my view.besides, it is too, an experience, yeah right?” (she)


love is never that shallow.
im broken hearted to see one of my close friend take relationships; basically build by love, that way.
i just hope somebody broke my stupid theory and tells me a reason behind a “boring relationship”.

i miss somebody. so bad that i couldnt say it out loud to him.
cause he is no longer to be missed, and he will no longer responds to every little thing i do.

-something is heart?


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