yatta! :)

monday was the last day of school. and school is officially over. :)
well, i still go to school a few times, got some business abt farewell stuffs.
but its so amazing how time passes by in front of us.
once it was a heap of exams and then boom! its forever holiday. :o
now all i do is waiting for the results on 26th April.

ah i will definitely miss high school and friends. D;
i will miss all the good times and lifes there, together with the pain-in-the-ass times.
im grateful to have studied in a very private high school.
at least i get to know everybody in my grade, from beginning till the end.
i have so many experiences in school, well i mean, 20 percent of my life is spent there.
every little time i spent is memorable.
the day i got scolded by a fierce teacher,
or the day when the class is so hectic it stressed out the teacher.
or the day when my friends fall in love. aww.
oh yeah i kinda regret why i didnt have the oh-so-called high school romance.
well i had several crushes.but how long they lasted, like two weeks or less?
ahaha my mate is not available in hi school, lets just say so :)

but friends! oh they r the best thing in school.
i swear the only reason most high school students keeps going to school is FRIENDS.
no matter how they fight, argue and deny each other.
friends are the essential school support.
friends.someone there to keep you hanging on when your world aint working right.
my best girl, Olivia Ciawinson.
my super Starbucks Gossip Girls: Mimi, Nova, Inka, Tansri Velika, Tansri Keumela, Jeje, Emel, Sofi.
super troublemaker boy buddies in class. :p
i cant believe there will be no times to gather around in class again. :(

thank you for everything in school.
thank you for being the place where we find our true selves.
and thank you. for the memories we together made in the past fifteen years.
( God, im weeping.lol :’) )


these are the boys from my class. i like their expressions here :)

-praypraypray a load fr future. :)


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