1.17 am in indonesia,
2.17 am in hongkong,

last day and last night here. :)
tomorrow will be heading down to singapore, noon flight.
meeting friends there, hehe kinda excited!

it was a fun, amazing, wonderful, undoubtly great two weeks here :)
but well, almost over, so better make some impressions lol
i have a loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad of experiences in this city,
ahaha i mean like how to deal with high tempered old lady or a jerky looking manner guy.
Ocean Park, Disneyland, shopping arcade, museums, every single thing is a memorable adventure here :)
feel sad to leave so wuick, but i will visit here again, for sure :D

so for now :

bye shopping haven (ohmygod hard!!)
bye crowded street,
bye yummy food,
bye rude ppls :p ,
bye nice flat and room,
bye HI SPEED WIFI connection T_T,
bye big high starry buildings,
bye mtr cool wind breezes,
bye KMB buses,
bye neon lights and billboards,
bye crazy cab drivers,

bye Hong Kong. :)

ill be back soon! chu :*

no matter how many times i see the night views here, it is just as breath taking as the first time i glanced to the living jungle. :)


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