eighteen sounds…ok.

hello there…

writing this tonight, 9.44 pm on 3rd september twenty ten.

tomorrow i have my eighteenth birthday. :)

excited? a bit.

happy? barely.

sad? independently a little.

fourth of september again in a blink. before i realize i might be working already and (maybe) got married. haha.

its not a good september.

this year’s september is much of disappointments and breakdowns.

i know i’ve been worse than this, but well, any other hard time is always painful.

maybe i just have to try..a little bit harder to keep myself in one piece.

make myself clearer to face every situations, stronger than ever.

i don’t know what i want.

all i know is i’m just full of myself, full of selfishness, and sometimes full of anger.

hate to admit, but i am really a bitch sometimes.

i should not have moaned like a distressed pig on my birthday eve, but well i just need something to write.

i dont care if nobody understands what i’m writing, not really my intention to keep the keen readers. :p

moreover its my space. my little own private brain i’d like to expand a bit. :)

people should wish good things on their birthday.

i will.i will. :)

after all, eighteen really sounds..ok :)

its a new life starting on eighteen!

plus plus.

i really.really.really wish i can crack this shell i have. and just, well fly away like i’m a new me. freed. *blowcandles* :)

“Caterpillar in a tree,

how you wonder who you’ll be.

can’t go far but you can always dream.

wish you may and wish you might.

don’t you worry,

hold on tight.

I promise you that there will come a day;

Butterfly, fly away.”

-Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus.

-happy birthday. :)


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