holidays over. clap clap.
pack your stuffs. wash your face. wake up :s
its been a while since i posted here. almost a month. my apologize. i have plenty of spare time but i couldn’t get myself write anything here ><

a few things that’s been happening lately :

A month ago, i almost got myself a dog, a yorkshire terrier pup as my birthday gift. circumstances failed the plan. And then about 3 weeks ago, i got myself two little fellas. :)

hello, meet Brown :)

holla im grey :)

They have been a very good companions. When in most noon, Mom goes to work and i’m all isolated in the house,i’m glad i have these two cuties to entertain me. :)
Its sad that i have to give them up, but i’m sure they will live well with my friend. (take a good care of them,sweetie:])
i will definitely miss them. :( i am so going to cuddle them a lot until the day they got adopted. sigh.

Move along and today is the second day of October.
Everything is set. Mom packed like insane since (last month) and i cannot imagine how my room mate will react if she sees my stuffs.
So i’m leaving on 9th October 2010. urrr i wish it is 10, instead of 9. so i can go out with my friends on the last damn saturday night in Medan. And 10-10-10 is way cooler than 09-10-10. :p

Yesterday i went to Synergy to collect some of my docs. While i was waiting, i had a little chat with a native English teacher named Frank. We talked about holidays and what’s my plan ahead, and he come to a topic about student living abroad.

“When people goes overseas for studying, they might assume that they will have a good time, and experience something exciting. It’s all a part of it. But in the reality, how many of them that cries in the middle of night, missing their families, friends, the familiar hometown. Living alone in other people’s country is harsh. You should really fits in quickly, and if you don’t, you get sick of living there. And when you don’t enjoy where you’re staying, you cannot possibly do anything well..Try your best and don’t give up too quick. “

That was a little of what he was trying to say to me. :) And I am grateful to have earned a perspective from a teacher. You know what? Living alone, far from family and friends, it sure sounds scary. But i’m sure that things gets compensated, fairly enough in life. If you get along, you struggle and survive, you get all the best from years of loneliness and hard work. :)

So, for the limited time i have in this town, I’m trying to do the best collecting memories with buddies. with my loved ones.

Will i cry when i leave here? heaven knows. :x

a little from Frank again :

“Studying tourism is great! You should visit Gold Coast sometimes. So, I’ll see you around.”

-ready not? ready go!


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