Life. better. :)

i was thinking “oh shit, mom will be so freaking emo when i left her.”

it turns out she’s ok, gaining weight, better than ever.


i was thinking  “oh dang, i bet the college will be as tuff as it always seems.”

it turns out as fun as it could possibly be. friends are fun. lessons are smooth.


i was thinking “oh geezus, please help me get along with my housemates.”

and turns out, its so easy to get along with them purrfectly. :)


so what can i say more? im enjoying my life here well.

excited about college, friends, environment. except about spending money.

money here means nothing. its like you bring out bunch of bucks to a satnite out, then you come home restless, money-less, without really knowing where the money goes.. :\ thats somethin’ i need to fix ==”

i forgot to mention, internet here is like super ultra amazing. jaw dropped. ;)

nothing compares a leisure browsing armed with a 200kb/sec. nothing. haha!

college? i passed my first module in college “well” i guess.

today will start a new module :) excited!

so instead writing so much i bored you out, i’ll just post some pics about what i was busy about these days ;)



this is Yubi, my guardian’s maltese dog. she’s top notch adorable xD see? im lucky :)



my oh-so-snsd mrt card  ;)



the mighty thirst quencher. favorite flavor at the time:

Green Milk Tea.



its all about cinema. and choices.and choices.and choices.



here we go again to little miss Taylor :)

favorite track at the moment: Dear John.



and finally an album to peel after a long wait. :)

track choice : Dead Man Walking.



yaaay the new mini album will be out pretty soon xD



aaaand wouldn’t life be funtastic if i completed my little wish list.. lol


long heart print frill edge walker umbrella by Topshop. so freakin sassy xD



Cutout side ruched dress by Topshop.



and an old time favorite un-accomplished wish product.

Forever 21 Suedette wrapped heels. (っˆヮˆ)っ


clap clap.

ookaye guess thats enuf fr today :) dismissed!

life> better>better again hopefully. xx


– i just shoo-ed a lizard from my room. *proud and glorious*


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