twenty + eleven .


hey-low twentyleven 

nothing but the best for this year. amen that.

and don’t even say a thing about “we’re closer to doomsday!”



i want a room like taylor’s above (minus the snow). i know, it’s pretty simple.

but it’s spacious, nice bed, wood floored, bed lamp, green wall, plus a window :)

i want so bad a room similar like that heehe.

if anybody know where to rent a room (or house or flat) like so in SG please do inform me. much appreciated *wink*.


oh well how is life anyway? mine has been terribly flat.

i finished my certificate in hotel accommodation and service this week, continuing my diploma in tourism next monday.

i’m really weird to have thought about this but i miss homeworks and doing assignments. (wtf)

tho when the assignments really come around i might not have the same perception anyway ._.

my days are filled with watching drama series. playing with Yubi. flip around my manual. and back again.

uhh i think i should really find a job, considering how many free times i have around. ;(



little nici sheep being hung ;p


bye for now. x.


-There is nothing, NOTHING, worse than someone who completely lacks common sense & is utterly unaware of it.(@Lord_Voldemort7)


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