faith or hope down the telescope.

About 3 months ago,(this post) i was excited about their new album and now i’m totally digging it.

i knew this band back in 2008, bro introduced me to one of their single; The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.

and immediately fell in love  with the whole album :p

when finally they release their new album in 2010, i just love them even more. :)



Mark Sheehan , guitarist.

Glen Power , drummer.


Danny O’Donaghue, vocalist.

The Script


:) these Irish men are really, by all means, a very promising indie-rock band.

totally recommending this band to anyone who enjoy songs with deep lyrics and nice tune. :)

The Script is doing their world tour now, promoting their new album Science & Faith.

they are not coming to asia yet :( and i want so bad to watch their concert. ;(

and if i have the chance, i might catch their show at Sydney on 9th April. *fingercrosses*



wouldn’t it be like super cool to be among those crowd..  ;)


Glen Power: “My mother always said to find one thing in life that you’re good at and the day I picked up the sticks I found it.”

images source



Ohyeeeeha im going back to medan (again),tomorrow evening.

which means..

i won’t have the time to blog until idk when. :p

until then, i wish you guys a happy prosperous chinese new year!

-Bunny year! :3




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