after V’s short post.

hi, a little dropping by on 1AM. feels like writing here, so :) I really should try to write more, considering i have quite thoughtful materials to spread.

Valentine days? ok.  it has been 19 valentine days i passed without any lover. so let’s just talk about the other essential factor of life. friends.

On one side, i’m happy because i have a few friends that can still embrace the meaning of loyalty.

On the other side, well.. hidden sides of my so called friends are finally revealing.

Throughout 2011 Valentine’s Day i learnt three lessons:

  • You do not believe in whatever people say, unless you prove it yourself.
  • Try to look matters from a 180 point of view, you’ll never know what you can get.
  • Some shit people just can’t change. They evolve to damned people.

I’ve always thought i am a neutral sided person, the swiss , the one who would get the crap out of people’s business and watch from aside.

Some people can be so misleading, they convinced you to believe what is good or bad (according to them). And when finally you went along with their stories and act, you realize that you’ve trusted a hypocrite. And then you watch the people phase and synchronize with another target, while you are left in agony of what is NOW right and wrong. I really feel like screaming out my angers in front of their pathetic faces. Oh wait, trusting them is part of my fault too.. How fucky is that ?

Just for your information, i am totally sick of you. Get a life.


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