I am not a pink freak, i swear.

#track17 Into You Deep – Lionel Richie

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i moved to a new room about a week ago. not really any different from before, but i like it better here, the room now have two windows (actually three, but one is blocked by my bookshelf), a more spacious floor tiles, anddddddd larger WARDROBE lalalalalla hahaha :D

just fyi, i have ZERO intention of making my room space PINK. lol . everything happens for a reason, but for this one i don’t have any rational explanation. because i found myself liking pink better than other colors recently. They all kinda paired up together, like when i picked the  pink dotty rather than the creme soft toned chair cushion , my annoying shocking pink laptop case, the cheapest bed lamp i can found in IKEA, and the awkward moment when the house maid hand me the matching pink bed sheet.(even my chair has some pink feeling there!) And when i finished moving, adjusting all my belongings to it’s spaces, TAH-DAA –> “WHEN DID I TURN INTO SUCHA PINK FREAK?!” bursted out. haha funny few.



just finished hanged these pics, with addition of this classmate pic. sheepo is hanging (miserably) too :D you see the window? isn’t it the best thing in the world when you let the first ray of sunshine hit your bed everyday, and having those little remaining of sun sparks set off to evening? best thing indeed.




i think it’s gonna rain soon. enjoying the afternoon here. ah the room smells nice :)


-nothing is unsolved, isn’t it?  (mygod its pink again !@#%^)


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