I was supposed to celebrate the 100th post, not the 101st. since i missed the 100th, figured that 101 is not a bad number. :)

I’ve been writing a long journey on this blog, all my stumbled and overjoyed moments. Thankful that there are some people (not like a bunch lots) who enjoyed reading my writings. Although it’s not much, i will seriously try my best to write more here. jjang!

It’s march already, how fast is that ? Entering my 5th month in singapore, and I dont feel like im already used to this hectic city. I mean it’s not like the city is not great and all, i truly enjoy the independency of living abroad. I had some times when i browse through iPhoto, and then i suddenly missed the good ol’ days so bad. And then i had the time when i missed home, i missed the dull hometown. Ups and downs of college student? *peh*

Well anyway,  i love february <3 like lots lots love.

What did i do in fabulous february? I spent like a full three days to watch this hilarious korean variety show, titled “Running Man” haha i had great great laughs from this show, like literally!! I have been wondering why my friends are freaking addicted to this show, and now i can’t say a thing. For every depressed, gloomy, and dying soul in this world, Running Man is totally recommended. *laughsagain*

And big news!! i am going to watch The Script’s concert. hehhehehe HEHEHE YOU READ THAT RIGHT. The Script is coming to SINGAPOREEEEEE! woohoo nothing beats my excitement right now. The night i found out, i instantly bought the ticket, and here i am. waiting for 12th April like crrrrazeeeeeyyy! Heck, the ticket is bloody expensive. Oh! The same numbers on this post’s title. In SGD. I’m nuts, i know. How ironic is that? In my previous post (apparently not too long ago) i mentioned i wanted so bad to be in among those crowds. Now i’m really making my wish come true. yikes! Despite the fact that i (haven’t) didn’t found any company for the concert, i still bought the ticket. Like cmon this is a chance of a lifetime. Didn’t think too much about being alone and stuff, but having a friend to sing along with us doesn’t sound bad.at all. From the bottom of my heart, i open the vacancy of accompanying me to The Script’s concert.HAHAHA or for anyone who is going to watch The Script’s concert on 12th April….talk to me. ;)

Have i mentioned i have a job now? Okay it is still a blurry-not-too-awesome-messy-part time job. Blurry, not too awesome, messy referring to my un-established work schedule and payment. Seriously? Should be thankful i have job, i know. At least im making my own pennies now :)

12.22 , need to be on bed, 9 painful-in-the-ass AM classes for these weeks. bye guys x

-yep, new signature on blog starting the 101st post. you’re gonna see it often ;)


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