Before I have an osteoporosis or mental disorientation.

I’ve been having this crazy dream, or should i call it wish for quite a while.

Ready? Okay.

Traveling to Europe. Alone. :)

source : tumblr

Might sound pretty much absurd and unrealistic, but hearing the idea of going anywhere on tour with big fams don’t bring the same excitement as if i imagine i am alone. Scary much, i know. But imagine all the adventures, all the experiences, all the new people to meet. No need for luxurious accommodations and all, all that matters is the fun i will have there.

If  i truly manage to go there alone, the list of things i’m taking :

  1. enough cash to survive with foods, transportations, and some teenie -weenie fun
  2. camera, phone, laptop
  3. few of my most comfortable attires + coats
  4. dictionary
  5. instant noodles
  6. etc of other necessities

I am so doing researches for the backpacker’s information, estimating the cost, filtering the countries to visit, and freaking save some cash to make my dream comes true before i die. 


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