3 Ante Meridiem

hi fellas, how’s life treating you guys so far?

I have great days great lessons and great people around me. Tell me about life. sigh.  It’s a shame to admit that i am actually being super lazy to write on blog. I’ve missed a lot writings and telling stories. So well, it’s 3AM today (read;sunday) and i figured there ain’t nothing wrong with writing something here if my eyes refused to shut in peace.

You know what, i’ve been dreaming about some really peculiar dreams lately. Some about past, some about future, and some about my own dream. Well that’s a snatch, dreaming about my own dream.*chuckle* But i was going to tell you guys more about my past. See, on high school i had the tendency to write. I mean like literally writing, stroking on paper, chaining letters to noncompos words with no drafts or stories. All i remembered is i created some poems and stories and other random literature right out off my feeling and condition, and i can tell you i enjoyed it. :) Oh well, what was my works if there ain’t no place to secure them. So i wrote wrote wrote all of them to this thing called my Think Books. Yes at first there were only one, but i finished the first book and decided to grab another piece. You know that feeling when you have something that is originally yours, created and crafted only by yourself. Pride. Two Prides. HA. I brought both books with me every time i’m off to school, in case the ‘inspiration’ caught me off guard.  One fine day, i lent the books to a friend, because she is considering if my poems can fit to the school bulletin. I said fine, give it a shot, thought it might work and i can have some paper piece as proof of my achievement. And that was the very last time i saw them books. The Think Books are gone, never knew if it was because of my own reckless system of putting stuffs where it shouldn’t be, or my friend never returned them. (I’m pretty sure i searched every single racks, tables, drawers, anywhere it might stuck in my house.) With the lost of Think Books, i have no space to shovel all my words and letters. I was sad of course. That’s my thoughts and private stuffs that i lost. Thoughts and private stuffs that i wrote, so that maybe one day when i’m all grown i can reflect to things i’ve been through (or looked at the old pieces and said “did i really wrote that shit”). At that point i didn’t think about getting a new book. I was too engrossed about the possibilities of the books popping out of nowhere, like every other things that i lost. But they never did came out of the blue. And gradually, i forgot the books,together with my passion for writings and creating magical nonsense.

Writing in blog is one stuff. Writing on paper is another fun stuff. The dream i had about Think Books was a soft pinch to myself. Why did I stop writing them? Because i have no Think Book anymore? I didn’t only forgot about the Think Books, i have also forgot the freedom feeling from writing without nobody’s judgement and grammatical mistakes! It’s about time to start all over again, i have some pretty cool books i can use. Name them Think Pad. I don’t assume Think Pad is a substitute for Think Books, just the new evolution of it. Like maybe if i put it as myself now, i’ve changed, learnt, and note some things that i didn’t when i was in high school. Probably, just probably,the Think Books are gone for a reason; to let go of the past and start with a much cleaner slate and experience. Whatever it is, it’s never too late to catch up with things you love most, as long as you remember, and you have the heart to pursue it.


Cheers guys :)  Happy Sunday and God bless ♬



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