Tea Sunday Pudding

today is pretty normal, just the regular sunday; spent sleeping until late one pm (oops :x) then up for some cooking and lunch. Accompanied Christine bought her baby 600D. (yay more self cameras time lols)

Lesson from today; don’t sleep too much and waste your day on the bed, because today passed in a flick. :( Next week I must rise and shine earlier than normal even though it’s sunday. There’s a lot of thing i have been wanting to do like visiting Singapore Botanical Garden, strolling on Haji Lane/Arab Street, or just reading books quietly. I have spare times but I never fulfilled any of those. I’m literally stuck here in front of Safari and media player. No good.

It’s now 9.47 and i am steaming tea pudding and anxious for the result sigh :3 I basically follow all the ingredients from this site. But since i don’t have any vanilla extract, i exchanged it with a tea bag. tee hee so it’s not a vanilla pudding; but a tea pudding :3 Currently cooling off the puddings and then i’ll put them to the fridge.

Hey the tea puddings turned out pretty nice ;D It’s just the right treat before facing Monday.

At least my Sunday is not at all useless ;)


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