Poohcketful of Sunshine

Yesterday was just like the ordinary weekend, lazing around at home watching movies. The idea for saturday & sunday was re-watching Prison Break. By sunday 8pm, first season was finished and no more Scofield in stock to watch. Waiting for my friend to transfer the rest of the seasons, and hope it’ll be chop chop :)

Oh, additional activity, i actually did some DIY stuff :D Not much, just a pocket pouch to put my transportation and access card to apartment. Combined with a bulky furry Pooh i ‘adopted’ from my friend.

Here goes ;

ps: pictures taken with Christine’s 600D. pretty sleek, huh ?

Ok and that was yesterdays. I can’t believe it’s the third week of June already. My my.Where did all my times went by? Tomorrow am finishing Develop & Implement Budget module, then another two short subjects and welcome holalalalalalaaaliday! Best thing is; Mommy will come; and some pocketful friends will come to have fun. July sounds even more exciting now. Until then, have to finish some assignments for tomorrow.

Have a great week and ciao,loves.


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