Hi fellas. Sunday was ordinary. Kinda pissed but I will just write.

Changes. When you get used in a certain condition already, you are reluctant to accept even minor changes. Afraid of how things may turn out if any disturbance comes along and sets your pace of life distracted. Now that is precisely what I am feeling right now. Some says of how we should be open minded to accept changes or evolution, but I just can’t seem to cooperate well enough at the state. Every interaction, annoyance, movement and presence of changes I sense is irritating my fugly self. Me being selfish, that sure is the tiny side of mine I am not proud about. But I took every considerations necessary to be selfish about something. That I deduce not considerate enough to slip my selfishness. So conclusion; you don’t slip away from my selfishness, my dear. I hope you change,for your own good, for the world’s good, for the sake of our future life together. Amen that.

Talk to you soon.

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