flames to dust.

love comes in hundreds thousands different forms. one amongst all different loves i received is the love from my friends. for people who knew me and really knew me, they acknowledge the fact that i cherished them with all my heart, but some just bluntly forgot. something i just can’t accept open minded-ly. i am the type of person that is that conscious about my feelings. but i don’t really have the way to communicate it with the related parties. i hate my clumsy self when it comes to confessing troubles. i hate the part of me that has been perpetually digging the same old scar. And i never knew i had still so many pain inside of it.

That once upon a time that we had, where did they all flew to? When we used to meet everyday, laughed like nutbags and do crazy stuffs together? I can even count how many times i communicate with you in a week. Less than twice. Sometimes none. Bitter and true, but everything changes around us. So what do we do? We are all aroused to follow the changes and finally stepped into the path where we slowly forgot the days and move on. Nothing seems to be wrong with that, i know. It’s just me being sensitive and undone about world revolving. In the middle of all the chaos and uncertainties i have, i’ve always secretly wished i can reverse back to the time when everything is still as true, as plain, and as carelessly happy. Not the days when i forge different sizes of smiles everyday.

today i learnt that when something changes, you hardly have the power to un-change it. because all of it doesn’t matter anymore to you that you let go of it easily. 

i don’t like.never liked.and will never ever like typing a gloomy post with wet eyes. 

be happy, my dearest. 


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