When In Doubt, (fill in an effective way to eliminate it)

Hi peeps.

Today I received an email asking me to go for an interview tomorrow morning, as it is an interview to ensure I have my attachment secured. I will have my interview at 10 AM in x Hotel, pretty good though.When attending interview, one must be passionate, integrated and confident to take the job fearlessly. But recently, i just don’t have the same mood as when i first started this course. I talked to pops about it, and he gave me some vigilant point of views.. And now i am not even sure about the path that i’m taking. As close as i am to finish my diploma course here, i’m becoming more and more uncertain of the future that awaits me. The doubtful thoughts that i have been having since the early of this year has finally come in front of me; slapping my face with bitter reality and world. I was too naive in taking the course; too naive to be excited on studying abroad, and in the end i failed myself in choosing the right choice.  I hope i can reverse time and slope back to choose everything since i was on first year of senior high.

The point is actually; choose what you want to do. Don’t get stuck by the environment and thrown around like a ping-pong ball, when you can stand up and voice your own thoughts. I chose my life myself as it is now, and no matter how doubtful i am tonight, i am still going to finish it and do my best and be grateful. Grateful as an international student , grateful as a daughter and grateful as myself. It is not too late for me, as long as i still have my vision tattooed in my head, i will always have my own solid ground to step on forward .

-Interview? bring it on. 


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