I stood in front of the mirror today. Thinking to myself; where would this girl be in the next five years. Will her face change? Will her hair become the bang-less, career woman style? Will she finally… know what she wants in life, after all this mess and uncertainties?

Then i spotted some of these cute pimples slumber partying on my forehead. A few days ago, i had this bloated nose because of a massive pimple growing inside my right side nose. It’s not only hard to sneeze, cough, rubbing my nose or so, but blackheads seems to be joining the fun on my nose-misery-story. One week, i struggle with the pimple and it finally healed itself a couple days ago, leaving my nose as smooth and clear as ever, only to bring a new set of pimple formation on my forehead. Funny much.

Troubles comes one after another. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t be solved. Everything has it’s own time to shine and lesson to learn about.

Like how I need to really learn to wash my face properly after i did make-up to prevent pimples. ;)


-Economy is rising steady on the third of August!






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