Nineteenth Fourth.

Internet connection suckass here in hometown, so I’m writing the post from phone. So pardon if there’s any mistype or whatsoever.
Today I had my nineteen (mum insisted on 20 but come on.) birthday. Everything was amazing and so full of happiness! This year’s birthday, I got 4 cakes yay! :D I’m so so so grateful to have the most adorable friends in the whole wide world, I couldn’t imagine how would my life in hometown be if I don’t have them around. I love you guys, thanks so much for today! And for those who tweeted, wrote my fb wall, and emailed me for the greetings and wishes; I am really happy to read every single one of the kind thoughts from you guys, so thanks again! :))

Hehehe and for some little random stuffs for my birthday.
19 things I ♥ the most :
1. Rain
2. Dogs
3. Sweaters
4. Fallen Leaves
5. Old Books
6. Soft Cookies
7. Sate Padang
8. Small Stuffed Animals
9. Starbucks
10. Sausage
11. Sweet Pea Scent
12. Crabtree & Evelyn
13. Dictionary
14. Music Box
15. Tomato Sauce
16. Taeyang
17. Running Man
18. Yiruma

This is not a wish list, but the gift box is sincerely open all the time! Lol
So I guess I’ll be sleeping now. Have a good rest and sleep :) hope you guys have a great day tomorrow.

-Officially Nineteen and smurfin happy.



  1. Nerissa Tangkas · September 5, 2011

    heyyy unnie 19th ;p

    url blog ku sala -.-


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