Thursday, watched One Day. Will you spend twenty years denying your feeling and watch yourself outgrow each other? If yes, then your life might probably fit the story. Recommended  for the soul who’s in search for the perfect love-confession-encouragement. Me? I adore the artwork.

Now, so much had happened the last few months. People and troubles flying in and out of life, sometimes it gets so hectic that I can hardly breathe properly. There will always times when i feel like i’m hopelessly lost and blind in everything. At moments like thus, I try to logically push all reasons of why I should stand still and straight, and then I will actually learn to be more grateful of what I have now.

Will fly back to Medan tomorrow morning, plan is to attend the brother’s wedlock, but I take it more as a break of reality. When I come back on Sunday, snap resume life and I don’t think I will regularly update the writing. Sometimes maybe you will still find me ranting nonsense here, but not often I promise.


Well, wish my brother all the best for his big day. Don’t be too nervous and pressurized, bro! It’s kinda your day, not other peeps’. :)

-It doesn’t matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop.(-Confucius) 




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