The Audacity.

Hiya fellows.

First week of December is gone, and work has been crazy hectic. The calculation is that 80 percent of people in the world are jiggling their toes planning christmas/new year/chinese new year holiday, where my line of work is the one that is ought to be the busiest and most prosperous sector. Bright side of the story is how I really learn to understand the whole process of travel industry. Not that I say there’s nothing left to learn, well i’ll be dayumed.

Let’s talk a bit about work, next week on 18th, I am working for 3 full months alrighty. It’s not a long time, but it’s also not a short time. I have passed  25% of my internship contract. My friends, families they know I am working instead of studying here, but sometimes I will still be asked : “What kinda job you are doing actually?” “How come you are working?” “What about school?” “Do you get paid?”. The questions are of similar thing, then again I will need to explain myself all over again from the Milky-Way galaxy. pooh.

But yesterday a friend; surprisingly just an average  of my normal rank of buddyness asked me; “Do you like your work?”. And I was like whoa. Do i like my work? If you put like and hate side by side, I think i will slide between them and cover a little of my foot under “Like”. I remembered the first few weeks i am at office, I sometimes felt lost and hopeless. Everything was new, raw to me, that I became overwhelmed in learning. But now, all i have to say is time changed people, yes in good an bad way. I mean to think that i actually come this far and I will still be out of my bed by 9,30 tomorrow, and stay at office for whole day; and come back home again. I was surprised i had the audacity to move along with my new flow of life, while i am always filled with doubt and insecurities. I know I will still have plenties plenties of things to learn and know about. And since I am now stepping near to finish my remaining 75% of intern, I hope i can still go on this  path fearlessly until the end.

I know the writings are a bit random and off topic, the days are near to be twenty and i think i shall really start to see ahead my future. Sorting priorities, sorting life and sorting self. Well at least if anything, I know i will always have a coin in my pocket to remind me of following my own heart; not others.



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